Litecast single sided Rockface cellular lightweight concrete pool side fencing


Options include:

  • Single sided
  • Double sided
Litecast™ fence panels are made using a unique proprietary aeration process that fills concrete with tiny air pockets reducing its weight by over 40%. The result is a strong lightweight concrete fence that is easy to handle and can be installed by as few as two people requiring no cranes, forklifts or heavy equipment. Being lightweight also means lower freight costs and larger quantities per truckload. These fence products generate no jobsite waste, are free of hazardous or toxic ingredients, and are considered green building materials. Unlike conventional concrete which reflects sound, the Litecast™ aerated cellular concrete panels absorb sound resulting in quieter spaces. We are the only producer of sound absorbing decorative precast fences in North America. The Litecast™ panels are much thicker than many competing systems providing added security and aiding the noise reduction qualities and overall durability of the fence. Because of their cellular concrete structure the Litecast™ panels are more resistant to freeze-thaw degradation. The nominal six foot post spacing of Litecast™ is 20% longer than the conventional five foot spacing resulting in an almost 20% lower installation cost compared to competing systems. Litecast™ fences are rot and termite resistant, long lasting and essentially maintenance free saving money and hassle in the long run. Litecast™ fence components are steel and fiber reinforced to meet structural requirements. Fence heights are in one foot increments and can exceed twelve feet. Litecast™ is available in natural gray and can be painted or stained to create the desired look. Today's paints and stains offer excellent color consistency and durability reducing maintenance costs by enhancing moisture and abrasion resistance and extending the life of the precast concrete. Panel styles for Litecast™ include Rockface and Econo.Our single sided Rockface concrete panel fence provides a natural rock texture appearance on one side and a smooth look on the other. This smooth look extends to the vertical slotted posts and horizontal top copings which complete the fence system.

This popular style is great for parks, schools, homes, subdivisions, commercial properties, enclosures or anywhere an attractive concrete fence is desired. The deep texture, thickness and sound absorbing qualities of this lightweight concrete fence significantly reduce noise along busy thoroughfares and is visually appealing to passersby.

Posts can be ordered with different slot configurations including intermediate, corner, and end of wall. Posts for erecting 6' tall fences are 8'6" in length and about 5" square. The additional length is for in-ground installation. Longer posts for erecting taller fences are also available. Copings are approximately 6' wide, 2.5" high, and 4" deep. Panels are 6' wide, 12" high, and 2 3/4" to 4" deep depending on single or double sided. The post for a 6' tall fence has a nominal weight of 180 lb, a single sided panel about 100 lb and the coping weighs 55 lb. Posts and copings are made from conventional dense concrete for optimal strength while the panels are made from our lightweight concrete.

Posts are embedded into concrete piers located at intervals of about 6'. Pier depths depend on the soil, fence height, and required wind resistance. Panels are inserted into and slid down the post slots. After inserting all of the panels, the coping on top completes the installation.

Single or double sided rock face panel sections (6" long x 6" wide - without steel reinforcement) can be ordered for evaluation and mailed anywhere in the US for a charge of $15 including shipping and handling (Order from our Ebay Store).

Econo Panels

Lightweight, shallow texture economical panels

  • Barnwood - A and B sides
Small Stone A
  • Small Stone - A and B sides
Skip Trowel Stucco A
  • Skip Trowel Stucco - A and B sides
Precast Panel Round Rock A
  • Round Rock - A and B sides
  • Plain

The Litecast™ Econo panel is a low cost fence panel with texture on both sides. These panels work with Litecast™ posts only, no top coping is used with the panels. The combination of Econo panels with Litecast™ posts creates the most affordable precast concrete fence system on the market today.

Like the single and double sided Rockface panels, the Econo panels are also made from steel reinforced lightweight cellular concrete. The panels measure about 73.5" wide, 12.25" tall and 2" thick. There are currently five available textures (illustrated above): small stone, round rock, barnwood, skip trowel stucco and plain. For all textures, the two sides (A and B) have similar but not identical textures and the depth of the texture is typically no more than one-quarter inch. One side is a variant of the other allowing the user to create two different looks with the same panel. Econo panel textures are new and unique creating a look that is both attractive and uncommon.

Some customization of the panels is also possible. Single sided Econo panels can be ordered with a company logo or family emblem.

Econo panel sections (6" long x 6" wide - without steel reinforcement) can be ordered for evaluation and mailed anywhere in the US for a charge of $15 including shipping and handling (Order from our Ebay Store).

Additional information about Litecast™ concrete fences can be found in our FAQ, News & Information and Blog pages.

Technical service is available and basic installation instructions will be provided with each order. If you need an installer, have questions or would like to place an order, please Contact Us. We ship nationwide!