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Acoustically Efficient Concretes Through Engineered Pore Structure

EPA Information of HBCD used in EPS

Fly Ash Looms As The "New Asbestos"

Leveling Concrete Surfaces - ACI RAP Bulletin 10

Polystyrene Insulation: Does It Belong in a Green Building?

Thermal Mass - Energy Savings Potential in Residential Buildings

Thermal Performance and Wall Ratings

Thermal Performance for AAC Block – Although based on AAC block the concepts presented are pertinent to Liteblok™

Water Penetration Testing of Stucco


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Building Products and Systems

Arbortech AS160 Allsaw - Square cut saw

Firefree88 - Coating providing an additional 2 hrs of fire resistance

Gerard Roofing Technologies - Metal roofing

Heli-Tie for brick walls

Mascoat - For the price of paint, increase your R value significantly

Speedfloor - Unique suspended concrete flooring system

Staifix-Thor Helical TJ2 Tie for brick walls

TiploTie - low thermal conductivity basalt fiber tie for brick walls

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Florida Solar Energy Center - Tips for home owners - Estimate your own freight costs - Liteblok™ 38 listing

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Mission Mortgage

On-Screen Takeoff Software - Easily calculates block quantities

Pan Pacific Group of Companies - Licensor

Revit Architecture - Building design software

Truckload Market Price Index - Helpful in estimating freight

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