We offer two brands of precast concrete fence systems: Litecast™ and Premocrete™ . Included in these systems is a variety of textured panel and post privacy fences and ranch and post style fences.

Applications for these fences include the following:

A lot less labor than a CMU or brick wall and it doesn't crack

Unlike brick and cmu block walls, Premocrete™ and Litecast™ panel and post privacy fences resist cracking because the individual components of the fence are not attached and are free to move independently of one another when high winds or shifting soils act upon them. Our panel and post fences are also more affordable than a typical block or brick wall and are available in a variety of textures and colors.

Advantages over concrete block and brick walls:

  • Lower installed cost
  • More resistant to cracking
  • Pier foundation offers greater flexibility than continuous footing
  • Wide variety of beautiful textures and colors available
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Can build fences up to 40 feet tall
  • Considered right-of-way fencing since the panels can be removed for access
Litecast single sided Rockface

Litecast™ Concrete Fences

Precast panel and post fences featuring lightweight cellular concrete panels

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Premocrete Brick precast concrete fences

Premocrete™ Concrete Fences

Precast panel and post and ranch and post style concrete fencing. Made from conventional concrete with the option of integral color

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