Cresco precast lightweight pier cap
Lightweight precast concrete pier caps:

  • Designs include domed, beveled, pyramid, flat top and inset pyramid
  • More than 55 different standard sizes available

Lightweight precast concrete wall caps:

  • Designs include peak, beveled, flat top, rounded and curve with flat top
  • More than 54 different standard sizes available
Our lightweight precast cellular concrete pier and wall caps weigh less than half as much as similarly sized products made from conventional concrete and offer superior freeze thaw resistance. These caps are all steel reinforced and feature light surface texture from the cellular concrete (see illustration). Caps can be cut easily with a concrete saw to trim length, create angle cuts or holes. Pier caps sit on top of columns and provide protection and aesthetics. Wall caps finish a wall and provide protection from the elements. Caps are unpigmented and should be finished with either a stucco, paint, stain or sealer. There are ten different standard cap designs. We can also provide custom solutions of just about any shape and size.

 A 10" x 10" x 3" tall pier cap can be ordered for evaluation and mailed anywhere in the US for a charge of $25 (Order from our Ebay Store).