Cresco™ Cast Stone is a high quality building material designed to resemble the look of natural stone. Properly selected and installed, cast stone can result in an architectural project of enduring beauty to be enjoyed for decades.

Applications include the following:

A wide range of standard colors and textures are available.  We also offer custom solutions.

Advantages of cast stone over natural stone include the following:

  • Replicate the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost
  • Precise colors and a wide variety of shapes
  • Consistently deliver quality because it is a manufactured product
  • Can be easily cut to length in the field
  • Freeze thaw resistant
  • Can be steel reinforced
  • Stronger and more durable


The following are just some of the green attributes of our cast stone:

  • Cast stone is manufactured and delivered to the jobsite in nearly the exact quantities needed for the project resulting in virtually no construction waste. Any waste that is produced may be crushed and used as recycled aggregate or fill
  • Cast stone durability extends the life of buildings and homes which provides economic benefits to the owner and community
  • The high thermal mass of cast stone can help the energy performance of buildings and homes and reduce their temperature swings
  • Cast stone requires little to no maintenance which also contributes to the low operating cost of the buildings and homes
  • Our cast stone is locally produced
  • Our cast stone can be produced using recycled materials
  • Cast stone’s high solar reflective index (SRI) helps reduce heat retention and urban heat island effect. Typically manufactured with white Portland cement, our cast stone provides an SRI of about 86 for a non-pigmented mix
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions support good indoor air quality
  • As a masonry product it can be installed using local skilled masonry labor