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            Houston House & Home Magazine, December 2007

Free Floor Plans (JPEG)

The following floor plans are free and available to all. However, they have not been designed around Liteblok™

            One Bedroom Floor Plan

            Two Bedroom Floor Plan

            Two Bedroom Duplex Floor Plan

            Three Bedroom Floor Plan

If you would like to contribute to our selection of plans please Contact Us.

Miscellaneous (PDF)

            Understanding Wall Costs

            Liteblok Compared

            Applicable Standards for Liteblok™ and Liteblok™ Construction

Press Releases (PDF)

Oct 18, 2007- Cresco Concrete Products, LLC Introduces Innovative Liteblok™ Integrated Building System  

Jan 31, 2008 - Cresco Concrete Products, LLC Introduces Liteblok 69

Jan 15, 2009 - Cresco Concrete Products, LLC Introduces Liteblok Grande

Jan 26, 2009 - New Cresco™ Panel & Post Fence System Introduced

April 26, 2009 - New Cresco™ Ornamental & Landscape Products Introduced

July 6, 2009 - Cresco Concrete Products Completes Introduction of Innovative Green Building Product Line

October 30, 2012 - New Lightweight Pier and Wall Caps from Cresco Concrete Products, LLC

January 12, 2013 - New Lightweight Cellular Concrete Equipment Pads

June 14, 2013 - Cresco Concrete Products, LLC Introduces the Liteblok Jumbo

June 26, 2013 - Cresco Concrete Products, LLC Expands its Offering of Innovative Lightweight Concrete Wall and Pier Caps

February 10, 2014 - Cresco Concrete Products Introduces a Superior Alternative to Painting and Staining Concrete Surfaces

Product Literature (PDF)

           Cresco™ Cast Stone Datasheet

           Cresco™ Pier and Wall Caps Datasheet

           Cresco™ Precast Fence Systems Datasheet

           Liteblok Datasheet 

           Premocoat™ Datasheet



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